Before and After

Luxurious hair extensions create a whole new look.
Client with alopecia wearing a custom wig piece.
Natural-looking ash brown wavy hair.
Client after cancer wearing a custom hairpiece and extensions.
Girl with trichotillomania wearing Volumitress.
Beautiful human remi hair extensions
Beautiful wedding up-do hairstyle.
Client with female pattern baldness wearing hair topper.
Model Cecelia Barr with long blonde hair
Young woman after breast cancer with a long blonde hairpiece.
Long brown remy hair extensions.
Hair curled with a curling iron.
Natural texture Italian hair extensions.
Volumitress looks so natural on this client with traction alopecia.
Model Shira Scott with Balyage hair extensions
Model May Ling looks so sexy with her ravishing black wavy tresses.
17.	Custom clip-on ponytail provide a luxurious thick ponytail in an instant.
Bald areas near the back crown can be covered with a custom toupee.
Girl with damage from Keratin hair extensions.
Woman with curly mane looks so happy!
Actress Kayla Wildes takes on new lengths!
22.Car accident and resulting trauma caused a bald spot; luckily a hairpiece made this woman feel like herself again.
23.Miss Teen America debuts her long locks!
Auburn hair is so unique and so lovely.
Trichotillomania is a difficult illness to overcome but a hairpiece can make women feel confident again.
Androgenic alopecia is so common and most women just require a hairpiece instead of a wig.
Attractive businesswoman with a sophisticated hairstyle.
Ginger auburn hair extensions create fullness
African-American model rocks her long wet and wavy hair!
Jessica Hyllarée

NYC's top hair extensions expert and hair loss specialist brings her secrets to Raleigh, North Carolina!