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Jessica Hyllarée

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I know how important it is to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. Those photos are everything! For me, making sure my hair looked perfect for my wedding was a priority. I notice my wedding photo everyday in our bedroom and my hair extensions are long, gorgeous and undetectable. It just looks like I have perfectly styled voluminous hair. I love how my hair looks! That is my goal for every bride that I work with – for you to absolutely love your hair on your most special day!

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Beware of cheap extensions!

All too often, brides choose to purchase cheap clip-ons online or from beauty supply stores only to find that the extensions look fake and noticeable in wedding photos. I can’t imagine the disappointment I would feel having planned my entire wedding and then be left with photos that I didn’t love. Cheaper hair extensions mean that the quality is compromised to sell the extensions at a lower price. When it comes to hair, you get what you pay for.  Unfortunately the hair extensions industry is not regulated and there is a lot of fraud and misrepresentations.  As an attorney and a stylist, I am baffled that so many companies are lawfully permitted to sell fakes.  I feel very sad and frustrated when I hear stories of women who are tricked into buying something that says “human” or “remy” only to find that the hair becomes matted and tangled after a few hours of wear or worse yet, breaks off and frizzes up while being curled right before wedding photos. I’ve heard so many horror stories and it really upsets me that companies are permitted to lie about their hair quality and the true origin of their hair bundles.  Instead, I promise to always be honest with my clients about the hair I use.  I believe that I built up my loyal clientele in New York City based on trust, and to me, integrity is everything.


Free Consultations with Jessica Hyllarée Bridal Blonde

I love meeting with brides and trying out different beautiful bridal styles using extensions. I have many samples available so each bride can see exactly how the extensions will enhance their desired hairstyle. I encourage clients to bring photos of their dream bridal hairstyle. The extensions can be worn down, half-up or in any type of up-do. I customize each individual client's clip on hair extensions set based on many different factors. Making sure that the color matches perfectly is only the first step; ensuring the proper texture (silky, fine, course, frizzy etc), and the style (straight, wave, deep wave, curly, etc) is equally important. Head measurements and hairline shape are also important to determine the sizing of the wefts, and the client's natural hair thickness and desired extensions thickness helps me determine what type of wefting and stitching and what size clip to use (large, small, micro). The end result is hair that looks and feels like your own. I am committed to providing my brides with the best hair extensions on the market so that on your special day, you can finally have the hair that you always dreamed of! I look forward to meeting you and help you feel beautiful on your most special day! XOXO Jessica Hyllarée

Jessica Hyllarée