*Pricing depends on a number of factors, including the type of hair used, the color complexity, and the length and the thickness (which refers to the amount of hair needed.

While I try my best to keep my line of hairpieces and hair extensions affordable, it is still an investment. I use very high quality hair and customize each individual hairpiece to ensure a natural, flawless look. I stand by my commitment to provide my clients with the most superior product on the market and I guarantee satisfaction.  I would never use a system that could damage my client’s hair, which is why I would never offer hair extensions services that involved glue, tape, microlinks or anything adhesive that could leave my client with less hair than she started with.  I would also never compromise my integrity and use a cheaper hair quality as used in most clip-on extensions sold online and in stores. 

I believe that I built up my loyal clientele in New York City based on trust, and to me, integrity is everything.

Unfortunately the hair extensions industry is not regulated and there is a lot of fraud and misrepresentations.   As both a stylist and an attorney, I am baffled that so many companies are lawfully permitted to sell clip-on extensions that say “remi human hair” on the label, when in actuality the hair is cuticle-stripped, silicone coated “floor hair” mixed with synthetic and animal hair “fillers.”  I am equally astonished that salons doing permanent extensions (glue, keratin, weaves, microbeads) are not being sued left and right by women who have lost tons of hair due to the damaging effects of these extensions methods.

However, all I can do is promise my clients that I will be honest with them about the high quality of hair that I choose, and stand by my commitments to provide high quality, long-lasting, natural-looking extensions and hairpieces that will not damage their existing hair, and to provide exceptional, friendly and comforting customer service like you’ve never experienced before!

I use only cuticle-intact, double-drawn, human remi and virgin European hair and unprocessed cuticle-aligned Indian “temple” hair.

European hair is fine and soft. My blondes in particular love this hair because it feels so natural. My European hair comes mainly from Eastern Europe (Russia) and Italy.  Indian temple hair is a name you will hear when you deal with hair extensions. Many Indian women offer their hair in Hindu temples as a sacrifice as a way of absolving them of materiality. After a tremendous amount of research, I chose an Indian supplier that collects this hair and bundles it with the cuticles lined up for each individual donor separately.

If buying cheap extensions or hairpiece is your main goal, then this is not the right company for you. I believe it is better to not wear extensions at all than to wear something that will look fake. When it comes to hair, you get what you pay for.  Many of these cheaper companies mix their hair with animal and synthetic fibers but then label it “human” on the package. The cuticle is stripped by soaking the hair in acid, it is colored and chemically treated to create different textures (straight, wave, etc) and then the hair is coated with silicone. Silicone makes the hair temporarily silky and super-glossy, but the silicone wears off quickly and the hair soon becomes dry, stiff, and matted.  Cheap extensions are mixed with synthetic fibers, processed horse hair, “single-drawn” short filler hairs (used to increase weight) and cheaper “floor hair.” Floor hair is the unusable hairs that fall on the floor of the factories used to produce high quality European and Indian hair. Floor hair is considered the “unusable hair” by the high quality vendors but the floor hair is sold to the companies in China who use it to make their so-called “human hair extensions” that you see all over the internet and in beauty supply stores. This type of hair will always come in a plastic packaging in order to keep the silicone coating fresh.  I suggest being wary of any extensions that come in a plastic packaging because it’s a pretty good sign that the hair is processed cuticle-stripped hair. I suggest also being careful of companies that claim to sell European hair extensions for under $800. Human virgin European hair is so scarce that women are paid a premium for their hair.  So cheap extensions labeled as European are probably just cheap hair under a different name. I do hope that one day this industry will be more regulated so that women are not fooled into buying an inferior product that they cannot return.

I promise to exceed your expectations and help you achieve the hair of your dreams. I love what I do and am so excited to have expanded my NYC business to the Triangle area. 

I look forward to meeting you.  XOXO  Jessica Hyllarée