Wig Repair & Topper Repair


Troy McCauley!

Jessica Hyllarée and Troy McCauley on YouTube

Welcome Troy!

I am so excited to have Troy as part of the Jessica Hyllarée Wig family. I truly feel like God sent him my way to help me with this wonderful business in which we can use our creativity and artistic minds to help women during their most difficult times. It's been challenging for me to move a business from Manhattan to a new state, and with Troy, I am so optimistic that we will be able to help more women than ever!

Troy's wig design training started with his mother during the late eighties in Norwalk Connecticut. In 1993 Troy moved to North Carolina. Troy opened his first wig and men's hairpiece center in Cary NC, the McCauley Natural Hair Company, Inc. Later, he added an adjacent beauty salon and theatrical store. A significant amount of his co sales were hair imports in to the United stated and custom hair creations. By 1998 his inventory grew to offer North Carolina's largest selection of wigs and hairpieces. For decades his company was one of the top donators of wigs to the Duke and Rex hospitals cancer centers.

Troy's company had been featured in international magazines, movies, theaters and a host of other media's including TV and radio. During his successful rain as a wig designer, he still found time to train other interested in nonsurgical hair replacement for men and women. He is still asked to speak frequently at local cosmetology schools helping educate future hair professionals.

Troy is a master wig maker who now manages the design creation, product development and repair department for Jessica Hyllarée wigs. His addition to our family will make way for new products in 2022 development and faster on- site repairs and wig creations.

Troy McCauley and Jessica Hyllarée

Troy is an honest, hard-working soul that my clients are growing to love just as much as I do! He is a devoted father of two, and spends his spare time with his beautiful life partner Cynthia, and Troy also loves to invest in real estate and flipping homes (he is super duper handy which is great for me haha!), and he is passionate about helping small businesses grow. He was recently asked to be a business advisor by the Town of Cary. Welcome Troy!!!

Wig and Topper repairs include:
  1. Color changes and Root touchups
  2. Hair fill-in for shedding
  3. Bleaching knots for a clean hairline
  4. Professional shampoo and deep conditioning
  5. Lengthening
  6. Thinning or thickening

We offer superior service for repair and maintenance services of Jessica Hyllarée wigs and toppers, as well as units purchased from other companies. There is no minimum fee for Jessica Hyllarée units, but units from other companies have a $250 minimum repair charge. Out of state clients can schedule a video consult and mail us their units.