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Jessica Hyllarée Custom Couture Wigs are individually designed to perfectly match each client's hair color, texture, length, thickness, head measurements to create an undetectable, flawless look. Each wig is hand-tied using the finest premium human remi hair.

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Whether hair loss is due to chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, aging or unexplained reasons, it is a personal and private matter. I provide private one-on-one consultations in a comfortable, non-pressure setting so that you can learn about my custom wig line, try on samples and discuss what type of wig or hairpiece would help you to feel like yourself again. I am so committed to providing each client with privacy and compassion. I can also guarantee confidentiality for celebrity clients as my hair studios in both Manhattan and Raleigh are both private and a confidential entry can be arranged.

I understand that clients currently undergoing chemotherapy may have a difficult time traveling to shop for a wig, and so I am happy to try my best to accommodate private in-home consultations, depending on availability and distance of travel for me.

Three-Step Post-Chemotherapy Hair Restoration

Jessica Hyllarée is the only wig-maker in the world that provides clients with the service of customizing their wig into a hairpiece, and then into custom clip-on hair extensions to provide a hair solution for each stage of hair growth.

  • Step 1: Chemotherapy Phase (baldness)

    Jessica customizes a full 360 human hair wig for women to wear while undergoing chemotherapy. Custom medical base with polyethurene medical attachments are added to provide a secure and comfortable grip.

  • Step 2: Post-Chemotherapy Phase (hair stubble)

    Jessica sizes down the wig into a beautiful, comfortable, breathable, lightweight clip-on hairpiece for women who do not want to continue wearing a full wig, nor want to go out into the world with hair stubble.

  • Step 3: Hair Growth Stage (several inches of hair)

    After about a year, once hair grown exceeds several inches, Jessica sizes down the hairpiece into lightweight easy-to-use hair extensions to add volume or length.